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Monday, March 8, 2021

Why Polyaspartics Are The Future

With all the options available for coating your garage, one option that has created quite a buzz in the industry is polyurea polyaspartic floor coatings. It is a high-performance paint that can be applied and removed easily. It has a fast drying time and has been known to remove all traces of gloss or stain within just days when used on concrete and brick surface.

One benefit of floor coating over paint is that it can help to protect concrete and brick surfaces from UV rays that cause it to fade after a period of time. So, it has the potential to prolong the life of the surface over time by several years.

It is an oil-based paint, which is why you will need to mix it with turpentine to apply it. With this paint, you can expect it to last longer, and help to repel moisture better. But, there are a few things to watch out for with it.

Like any floor coating, it can cause unevenness on the concrete surface, particularly if you use an oil base. This unevenness will make it harder for the paint to adhere to that surface, and for it to last as long as you would like for.

If you have any unevenness or other imperfections or blemishes on the concrete floor, they will show every time you use a roller. And, if you are using a brush, it will be more likely to leave a brush mark on that area of the floor after the paint is applied, and it will become darker over time. This is just an expected side effect of using floor coating.

You must be very meticulous when painting the concrete floor. It is important to remove all the dust particles, grease specks, and dirt specks. These specks can cause problems if you have a UV ray hitting the floor at the time it has been painted. So, be very meticulous in your preparation for using this floor coating.

The best way to apply it is to first clean the floor by using a pressure washer. Then, use a cleaning solution to wipe the floor thoroughly. You must avoid washing it with water if you have an area higher than three feet. You can also avoid that if that is the case by using a special detergent. You can use a cloth to do the same, and then a grease killer will be applied. If you have a stain on the concrete, you should use an enzyme product to dissolves it, and then a stain removing powder will be applied.

When using it after washing it, you should make sure that the floor has dried completely. The paint may be applied by spraying it directly on the floor. You can also apply using a roller if that is how you intend to paint it. But, a roller will be more suitable for a higher area of the floor.


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