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What is poly rare as first Oh coding, technology, poly Maria, has completely broken the limitation of traditional environment-friendly coating technology, which is reputed to be the greatest discovery in the field of printing and holding the end of the 20th century. This demonstration is going to show you what hardware is. Polyuria is difficult, a two-component coating which is applied by specialized high pressure equipment. We scrape hologram of PVC sheet, which has released agent on it. This coating were killed within 20 seconds and it family walked on within 1 minute. Mechanical properties of the coating are married on this tester you, the tensile strength of quoting came up to 22.9 macbeth care, and the innovation arrow can be over 547 after seven days. This is les murs possessive, fury of physical and anti-aging practice. It can also be tinted in two different colors. According to customer demand, which show excellent decorative effects, the characteristic of poly avail, the polymer, can be applied on many subjects. It burns well to asphalt concrete sheet metal and many other materials it need includes. When the services white, our code, Paula, merral, confirm good coatings and wet surfaces, which is totally different from polyurethane as Polly, where there is no foaming cause bad water and not only were holding queue on web services. That a skilled coating can also be used in high temperatures of 300 degrees, Fahrenheit and down to well below freezing that compares where family is called euro-6. The following demonstration will show your excellent team: have the resistance on Halliwell test one we screen coating on the surface of a brick and track it after three days. This is Greek results, protection of Halliwell. This is poly rare coated, one you and, as you can see, the polymer coating is still in perfect condition. Also quickly is broken. Has the to waste grade the coating on this concrete, slider, five hundred tons of stress this toleration task is taken after three days. You, the sample without coating, is broken to death with as supporting real coltd one. The insert concrete is broken. Apparently, while code Till's outside is you

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