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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coating!

An extreme polishing systems in Deerfield Beach - we are here at Don Garrity from HP, Sparta Co. Welcome Don, thank you for having me Chris. I appreciate it beautiful weather down here. I painted on to say that okay, so I just want to know okay, but it is beautiful weather wherever you are, it's always 80 degrees in South Florida and it never rains anyways uh right now. At this point, in this lab, we basically put down like a primer coat right, put that a base coat of black and we're going to follow it up with a pigmented metallic. This is this: is the metallic blue mixed into the part AI haven't activated it yet? So as soon as I activate it, we have 25 minutes to push it out here and I'll. Do it application for you all right great? Well, let's have some fun. Okay, enjoy this all righty all right, I'm going to activate it with the B right now and that'll start its live and hopefully the little walk and a half. Here we go okay, we're going to activate this up, and this takes about a minute or two to stir this product up. All we're trying to do is break down the metallic flakes when we put this product out it's in the eye of the beholder how its applicated you cannot roll it in straight back and roll forth motions just to cover the slab. You would do that, but then you have to kind of do it in a an artist fashion. However, is there a lot, however, anybody wants to do it. You can do this with a squeegee. You can do it with a trowel or you can do it. I'M going to be using an 18 inch, 3/8 nap roller so with the short mix here, roll up its a product down here on the floor. Let'S you see how beautiful it is. Okay looks kind of pretty like that. All things you just got to leave it like that they were just like that, and one thing you do want to do. Is you want to saturate your roller up? Okay, make sure that you got all your edges of your roller cover cause. You don't want you. Don'T want dry roller marks in this product pretty much. What you want to do is cover the slab you're not going to make big puddles. Let'S just get the just get the slab wet it out. First, this way doesn't matter what direction you look like this in the end is, as you can see, there's no method to its just cover the cover up the slab. At this point we get out in this area once it's covered, you want to take your roller swirl. A little bit give a little action. I just remember: it's important got 25 minutes to use it, so you have plenty of time. You just want to make sure you get in this lab go to code as it is a code. You have to cover every issue. Once you get it once you get us into some clashing, you want to kind of swirl around a picture, start motional. What you want, so you can see that it's kind of a self modelling where it'll make its own patterns. You want to give it the start of the pattern, and you don't want it to look straight lines so just kind of throw anyway 3:8 nice. Okay, when you go up there and look on that edge, you're going to go back around and give it a little more deference as we go like I said again, the most important part at this stage is to get this slab totally covered inside the house and Raju everything this you can put anywhere if you're doing it inside of a house, I would recommend using our pure Cisco, okay. Okay, it does the same ecstasy, it's just no odor and no VOCs. Once you once you get this something happy once you get your pallet covered, then what you want to do. Is you just want to go back, I'm just going to walk all the way around the slab here, it's kind of give you an idea what you can do with it. This is something for the top pull down. You know you can put a top coat of clear on it with anti-slip assured, barley, Isis, and what, if possible, you like? It'S not it's not totally required, because this isn't optimal. Okay, all of our coatings. All of our coatings are the same. They are top coats. Intermedia coats and so forth now, if you're going 600 square feet, you're on spike you're on spike right well, this poor she's you'd be going and working your way back. We'Re going way back absolutely not have a guy out there doing the motion, I'm still actually, by the way you guys probably see, then we do salsa spikes, okay in medium, large and x-large - that you actually click your boosters. This can choose into they're not like rocks. It'S got a shoe Indiana. My plan they're, like $ 89 for heritage grants. When you get to this point, the floor basically is done, get about 15 minutes, you'll, see where it will take its own little. You can do whatever you want to do with the store. You know people like to be skips unaware, whatever you want to do it don't matter, some people get brushes and brush it. You can also spritz out denatured, alcohol or acetone on this to give it wing crater effect. Okay, do we have here what Capital Area Devils there? I do not have clear acetone as America's got color and I don't think it's going to matter it's going to just going to be years, I'd be creating something right now driving for his jug of this drop. What'S this air, this hair? No, he does dry clay and the other nice thing is, you can add, you can add to it. Take away from whatever you'd like to do. You want a little darker, just add more products to it. Okay, you can mix up. You can mix up multiple colors if you'd like to and add them together. The talent wars are just a preference of the applicator. You

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