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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

✅Garage Floor: Best Garage Floor (Buying Guide)

Hey guys welcome back to lagari products, we have another, really cool video for you today. We really hope you enjoy it. We work hard on these videos. We try to show you as much information as we can without being boring, enjoy Music ], so yeah guys she's, getting ready to do. Yeah bathrooms will landing from the stairs right here. You can see all the cracks are past. All the tack strip holes from the carpets are filled anything that would cause a different look from the Florida's. Already fill this joint right here, filling all the edges. I mean this floor. Is it's clean? It don't get cleaner than that. That'S why you guys use an auto scrubber, because that's what cleans these floors? Amazingly mopping, just doesn't really get it clean it just kind of smears. The dust around when they're going back into here, we're gon na see against the whole process notice how we start in the middle after he dips it, and then he just feathers it to each edge. We always teach you guys today, always once you get it dip. It in the bucket to start on the middle of the floor or whatever sex we're off, and then what you see how close he gets up doesn't need to be the paintbrush. Now these are that metal roller walks, six cents warmer there's a lot of questioning. We do have large areas, [, Music, ], so just like all the other steps, guys priming is super simple they're, just repeating the process as they go along and working their way out. The room he's drawing the main floor Destin's over here, hitting all the edges working just right right in front of him, so you don't want to get too far ahead because the primary star second guy, like I said, guys rolling it out, only good like that. Did it really drives that primary into the concrete and creates a really good bond, Music ]? It'S much better. This floor looks just with our primer on it. [, Music, ], so notice he's cross going he's spreading out the beads, the opposite way of how they were rolled out or dumped out and he's just being like kind of just flatten, em off Music ], all right so he's taking the 18 inch roller he's. Soaking, the roller with out in the middle of the floor, where you know it's nice and thick. Usually your edges are a little thinner once he's got us a pretty good he's. Gon na start cross rolling out the floor, just wall to wall, and this is gon na help, even it out nice and even from from just magic travel in it. It'S probably soaked levels, really a lazy - and this is our slope here - polyaspartic lots of working time. It'S ideal for metallic epoxy, this specifically designed for metallic epoxy floors. Most people that use polyaspartic s, -- they're, used to it drying, really really fast, not a lot of working time. It'S just a pain in the butt to use, but not all problem. You specifically designed a lot of work in time and their self level, like nothing else, just basically like an epoxy does you can see how awesome this is? Are you looking and the highlights that he's gon na get color on the whole floor and then we'll go back and add it and actually, if he needs to, but it's gon na go different ways and he'll try to infuse seed through the floor. He'S given trying to get color anywhere, you can kind of still see through the floor and once he swirls it together, you won't really see any of it. It'S that simple, guys, roll it out add some color swirl it and walk away, no come back and have an amazing-looking for the next day notice, how it's going different ways he's not doing the same pattern over and over there all different direction: [, Music ]. So, let's color on this whole Hyundai description section and I want you to see how much she's got left in the bucket he's hardly used. Inning. You don't need a lot of highlight colors, especially when you're doing white. You start putting too much color out there and it's gon na just overpower it, but look how much he has left. He didn't even use humming any of that. It'S real quick, different directions and, while he's swirling this, we got that the mixer in the back starting to mix up the next section and that's how you would do a four officially, how you know you keep getting fresh product or stop getting sticky on you and Yeah you want to be careful when you're walking around and it doesn't get slippery alright guys. So now he's doing the next section for beads out. So we got in the bathroom the stair landing here in front of stairs it'll do up to this bowl right here and then they'll also move over here by the window. The next section you can see how awesome this is already looking. That'S just some doing highlights in this world: that's it it's all. It takes guys dump it out, put your highlights on it. Swirl it around. Leave that awesome looking high. So it's like the first section, squeezing it around and leveling it all out everywhere and then I'll. Take the roller and roll it around [, Music, ], nice, so Dustin's doing that rolling it out after it's all been squeegeed. You know this house rule it doesn't make us down. That means. You'Ve got a good, thick coating where it starts sounding really sticky. Maybe you need to get a little more resin in that area, [, Music ]. I saw its then rolled now. We said in the highlights and this is our second section notice - how we got really fluid product because we're not trying to do it all all in once. What I mean by that is trying to put the base coat down in this whole basement area and then come back and get the highlights. You always want to split it up into manageable sections. Now we always get fresh material and it just makes it a lot easier and there's no really lighting on this downstairs. Yet so it's kind of I apologize for the the darkness of it. It'S a renovation and they still haven't, got a lot of lights up, see how he's bringing his bands all the way is you want to do that? You don't need to stop a couple of inches from edges everywhere, because you'll see that when she done swarming it you want have any cover our pages. You guys could kind of see why I would say our kids are so easy to install. I mean it's pretty big, pretty hard to screw this out, Music ]. So you see our K Flags. That'S our last! At the end of this section corner to corner now the highlights down past same exact process just going around a different angle: Music. ]. Remember this spot guys they can see all the swirl marks the roller line so they're already going away. It'S not really Marv life and even really swirl then become it. You can't even really see a swirl line. It'S awesome. This particle is basically full of guys. So look see how it's kind of light right. There we're gon na, add a little color and we're gon na make it look like the rest of the floor and you're just gon na be conscious when you're going around swirling that you're doing enough color everywhere. You can always add a little bit so we're gon na add a little bit to that look. Light spot gon na have some color metal, though once you slow that that'll blend in, like the rest of the floor, good looking at you, alright, so Justin's magnet, trying out the last section, but he's over here. If you want a quick roll on everything, just like we've done every section up to now same exact process and they used together. He'S gon na do now he's getting immediately and highlights to this edge here and it's gon na blend that real, quick before he finishes off the rest of the section, and it's also gon na blend in right there. That way, we get that blender click to where we don't see any in the card like the door really started or stopped. You would see how awesome this is but, like I said, it's not gon na move on floor for the next four to six hours. You know just get this done: yeah [, Music, ]! You got just over here, finishing out the floor, the last section: why had some pilots do a swirl and then we've been spraying denatured alcohol as we're done with these section? That'S awful popping any bubbles. You can see how we were swirled. It came back at it. Some color - that's completely fine, but you wouldn't want to you wouldn't want to come out to here in the first section and come and start swirling it or adding color. If you're gon na add color or reefs will somewhere, you got to do it a sex in your head, you don't want to go back. I wouldn't even go back to here and add more color nose. The second section is it: you run the risk of it. Not flowing out and the roller light is not going away. You just run the risk a lot of things not turning out if you go back and slow it when it gets sticky, so I'm gon na show you guys you just swirled this and you can kind of see all the all the swirl marks at the roller Left all those swoops are hard lines, and then we go over here where the first section would you don't see any of that? It'S all normal eyes. Now it's all model. It just looks amazing, but there's no really. No roller marks out here. So he's gon na spray in the floor with the denature to see that big bubble boom pops it immediately. You want to do it right after you're done, I'm going to do a fine mist and that's gon na pop all the bubbles that are in the floor. I'Ll kind of get in a spot where you can kind of see the bubbles Music ]. These spray-tanned will loosen dispersing attraction, crater literally marks on the sword. The way to Lagos of my estate stored on the way the defenses and lots of is a circle. Those will dissipate, we got the same thing over there. Alright guys I've been about 24 hours, we're here on this floor and we're getting ready to apply the topcoat, the urethane topcoat. So what Cody is doing now he's just lightly sanding the floor. You kind of see how it's not got any chunks or any debris in the floor. We got all the windows up and it kind of got some stuff in the in the floor around the spots it's kind of hard to see, but but they're there. So it's always good to if you have any imperfections or any particles that have landed in the resin to sand, it get some stuff kind of stick it up. So that'll knock all those down and he's just using a floor buffer. Basically, with the 120 grit sandpaper on it and he'll, show you how simple it is. This really fast just lightly hitting the floor, and it's once he get. The majority of the floor done now. He'S gon na go through sander, 120 grit and he's gon na sand. All the edges so Cody's getting ready to apply the topcoat before it's been sanded. It'S been vacuumed, it's been blowing out, it's been wiped clean. So now we're doing the urethane topcoat he's using a six inch roller and he's hitting all the edges. He'Ll go around and get all these edges and then would meet this 18 answer roller and go the rest of the floor and he's gon na go wall-to-wall. When you go and the stuffs made it go on really really thin sand. Just make sure you spread it out roll it on thin. You don't have to wear cleats for this, but it's just a lot easier. It'S good to do a fingernail test in your floor before you apply the topcoat. If it is soft from your fingernail, you probably don't want to wear cleats out there as it will need the cleat marks in it just depends on you know the temperature. The time of day you put it down and you're on the next day. Applause, ] he's gon na notice, he's kind of doing about the same amount of square footage as he did when he install the kits per section that way that if he, if he went around and started coding all the edges on this project by the time He started rolling the floor out. Those topcoat edges where he rolled previously would already be setting up and getting sticky and they wouldn't blend together. Very well. So just make sure you do a little bit on your edges, then roll out the fork do a little bit on your edges. Roll out before, but you'll see see. I can see like the sand and Laura some stuff from sanding it. Those log go away once that topcoat hits. It is like grandma's shine back it'll be high-gloss in the summers ringing it out. He doesn't want to soak done, like you would on a primer, color cuz, like I said this stuff goes really far, we'll probably get two or three wits out of that that one that one dip and kind of see how Springs that lost back. So what he's doing is just spreading it out getting a rolled out thin and then it's gon na go back and do back rolls and just kind of lightly roll it out. So he doesn't get any roller marks in it. In your roller lines, you always want to overlap and always have whoever's with you helping them. It'S good to have him looking around just to make sure you don't have any dry spots or any spots that don't don't look colored all the way, but the urethane is an awesome, topcoat and use a minor texture. Nothing gives it down extremely scratch. Resistance and durability notice how right here it's a dull out there. Please apply this really high glob, so they bring back their color, get rid of all this sand remarks when sanding it forward. You want to try to keep a straight line. You want to get all crooked when you're rolling this out. So it's great as you can you see a dry spot right there yeah that's the kind of stuff you like pretty much it's a real, simple topic to apply. You just roll it out really, even and if you, your final roles will work. Your way out always overlap as you go to really see the difference right here between where the top coat was apply it, where it's not a fine, you can see that door line Music ] the top coats been applied. Looking really good thanks for watching everyone. Don'T forget to subscribe to the channel comment below share the video help us get. The word out this product is amazing and it's changing the countertop in Florida industry also make sure your notifications are turned on that way. You get notified every time we post a new video, follow us on our social media sites to Facebook, Instagram Pinterest we're always posting customer installs there, and you can see what people are doing with our products. It'S truly amazing. Our systems are one-of-a-kind every time and remember: lagari comm. Has you covered P


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